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Stephen Curry’s Top 10 Rookie Plays

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry would undoubtedly be this season’s NBA Rookie of the Year if it was not for Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings and his insane stats (20, 5, 5). However, Curry has put together a great season and silenced the doubters that did not think his success in college basketball would translate to the league. Even his back court mate, Monta Ellis, questioned the addition of Curry to the Warrior’s offense. I was also a doubter. For some reason I just did not think Curry’s slight frame and “not fast enough” shot release would lead to success in a league with the greatest athletes in the world.

Obviously, Curry bulked up a little bit, improved his ball handling and point guard skills, and improved the speed of his release. As the NBA season has progressed, Curry has improved his scoring every month shattering the myth that every rookie eventually hits a wall of fatigue in their first season. Curry is on his way to becoming an NBA superstar. He just needs to learn how to win games now.

Curry’s monthly scoring averages:

October: 13.0
November: 9.8
December: 13.5
January: 19.1
February: 21.5
March: 20.2

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